CH Bramley'N Avalon's Beat Goes On

Fee's finish photo at the York County KC show.

Fiona (Fee) is the latest addition to the Avalon crew. She is Traveler's daughter. Her mother, Sadie, is Mac's granddaughter — which makes Fee Mac's great-granddaughter. Here is Fiona's pedigree.

Fiona's registered name is actually paying homage to our first Beardie, Cher. Yes, the Beat does go on!

Here's a video of Val and Fiona in the group ring at the York County Kennel Club show. Fiona beat her father Traveler for Best of Breed!

Comin' at ya!

We're very proud of how this little girl is turning out. At her very first match — first time in the ring anywhere — Fee won Best Herding Group Puppy and very nearly was Best Puppy in Match! She free stacks, but also lets me hand stack her, moves like she is floating, and is a just a pleasure to show. Dog shows don't impress her much, and she just hangs out and takes everything in.

Val and Fee looking lovely in the group ring at Vacationland.

Val and Fee practicing for the group ring at the Vacationland Dog Club show. Fee beat Trav for Best of Breed that day!

We made her first official show appearance last April at the NCBCC Regional Specialty. She placed 3rd in her Sweeps class and at the all-breed show the following day, placed 4th. Not bad, considering Mom took her 8 hours to her first official show! [LOL]

Val and Fiona at the Regional
Val and Fiona in the ring at the Northeast Regional Specialty

Brother Rocky also went to the match for his first time, and he went Winners Dog both days at the York County Kennel Club show. He has had absolutely no practice doing anything like this. After working with him for a bit, Rocky started to get the hang of the whole thing. He stacked nicely, and has lots of reach with very nice movement. We will be working with him and starting him in some nice small shows this summer. He shows lots of promise.

Fiona's Photos

Fiona has her own Photo Album page now! Come take a look.

Here are some photos of Fee. Click on any of them to see a larger version.