CH Bramley's Bonbon, HIC

Bonnie's second major and CH win at the Middleburg KC show

Bonnie is a lovely girl with a great body and fabulous movement! She is the image of her dad, but very much has her own personality. She is the "caretaker" of the pack, and she is happiest when she knows where everyone is and what they're up to.

Just like her dad Traveler, Bonnie is a versatile Beardie. She earned her BCCA HIC at the BCCME instinct test with Terry Workman, and she has even tried UKC Weight Pull!

More pictures of Bonnie...

Bonnie is not a fan of pedicures

Casey and Bonnie

Bonnie in Springfield

Bonnie's first point

Bonnie in Springfield

Val and Bonnie at the Regional

Bonnie only has eyes for Mom (and the chicken)

Bonnie's first major at Ladies'

Bonnie herding the sheep with Terry Workman

Val and Bonnie doing UKC Weight Pull